Caring for Michigan
74 Years and Beyond

Since 1939, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has contributed as a nonprofit company to improving the health of all Michiganders. Our mission is unique among Michigan health insurers.


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In the future, despite changes in health care and health insurance regulations, Blue Cross will continue to contribute in numerous and unique ways. As a Michigan-based nonprofit, our focus will remain on improving the quality of health care people receive, and charitable efforts within Michigan's communities to improve the lives and health status of our most vulnerable people.

A Blues insurance card delivers the best value in health care for Michigan. It provides members with the strength and expertise of the largest health care network in the state with the most choices in plans, access to the best doctors and hospitals and local support to help Michiganders get and stay healthy.


How BCBSM is helping Michigan

Improving Health Care Quality

Blue Cross sponsors and supports an array of partnerships - we call them Value Partnerships - that are improving the quality of the medical care people receive, strengthening the relationships that doctors have with their patients, and eliminating medical errors. We do this work in partnership with Michigan's leading doctors and hospitals, and our aim is to expand best practices in medicine (PDF) across the state, improving patient outcomes and lowering health care costs.

Our results speak for themselves. Lower rates of hospital inpatient admissions because we're keeping people healthier. Best practices that are leading a transformation in how medical care is delivered. Lives saved. Millions of dollars saved.


Contributing to a Healthier Future

As a nonprofit, Blue Cross has a mission that goes beyond selling and servicing health insurance plans. We are committed to Michigan, employing more than 7,000 Michiganders, investing in our core cities and doing business with diverse Michigan companies.

The Blues' charitable efforts in local communities are broad and include working with schools to combat childhood obesity and funding the operations of free clinics to care for the uninsured. A new law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder in 2013 will sustain Blue Cross' nonprofit charitable contributions well into the future. BCBSM will contribute $1.56 billion over 18 years to a new and independent nonprofit organization that will invest in public health and protect Michigan's most vulnerable people.